Give a big Cheer, for the New Year!

There’s no better time to start communicating with your customers and encouraging visits and spend this winter.

It may be a season full of cut price deals and discounts, but we feel you should not be sacrificing¬†spend to draw in the crowds.¬†It’ll be something different, varied and interesting that catches the eye of your clients.¬†

To help with a little inspiration, our team have put together a selection of tried and tested email marketing strategies. What will you prepare?



1. Utilise all staff members

By featuring a junior or trainee staff member at this time of year you are able to ensure your whole team is busy (and learning) whilst offering treatments at winter price points, helping to build column utilisation in winter.

This is also a great way to encourage new customers, furthered by including a “bring a friend” addition to the offer, or even a family member.

Then, once through the door you can deploy up-sell or cross-sell techniques to increase spend.


2. Offer affordable choice

Choice is good and when its affordable, even better.  Using a range of your lower priced items can catch the eye of the price conscious customer at this time of year, whilst encouraging multiple sales to maintain spend.

Whether it’s a list of everyday treatments or the option to create your own personal package, clients will be attracted to the choice.¬† We have found that ‘pick n mix’ options have been very successful in the past.

Bunching together items feels good value for the customer and helps you up the average overall spend. It also gives you the opportunity introduce new treatments to clients.


3. Shout about the quiet days

If Tuesdays are quiet for you then let’s spread the word!¬† Customers love a deal this time of year, and if you have to discount,¬†let’s make it a win-win and focus attention on the days you have¬†available time.

Having a strategy of increasing the utilisation of your columns is a key priority in every season, but at its most valuable during obvious lower periods such as this. So, get creative, build a tempting offer, and narrow the availability to when it suits you most. This helps you to keep free your busy days for normal trading and expand your revenue earning potential with no risk.


4. Try a different angle

Creating value rather than discounting is a hugely successful method to attract customers whilst maintaining revenues. In a slower season occupancy is traditionally lower and your time becomes available. Use it wisely!

Adding an additional treatment at a discounted price is a good way to increase overall spend per customer. And focussing on the duration of the treatment rather than the price gives an enhanced perception of value, making the offer look fresh and new. 

Such promotions can be allocated to certain time periods when the salon is quieter, filling your time and protecting spend.  

5. Happy hour all round

It’ll be something interesting and varied that catches the eye. With this idea,¬†a salon ‘happy hour’ has a fun-factor and opens up a huge opportunity to engage with your customers, and for you to be creative.

Why not add a ‘slice of cake’ with your treatment during our happy hour this month, or a smoothie from that popular juice bar around the corner every Tuesday in Feb 3-4pm.

The focus here is enhancing your clients experience whilst in salon.  We all like to feel a little special & quite often it’s the personnel touches that get people talking.  Pop some pics on your social media streams & get people sharing the reasons why they come back to you.

What will you prepare?

To discuss ideas with the team call us on 0203 417 5273 or email us at and we will be happy to help.